Picnic at Golden Gardens

The annual WSPCA picnic at Golden Gardens was a great success! Over 30 participants, including many new faces, gathered on the beach in what was arguably the most perfect picnic weather to hit Seattle this year. Under the banner that proclaimed “Returned Peace Corps Volunteers working for a better world,” we grilled delicious food, made new friends, including those from PC-host and former-host countries, and discussed a wealth of subjects from both ordinary and profound, and occasionally hilarious! Who can forget our reminiscences of our Peace Corps service, our battles with insects and rodents, and the comparison of American and Swahili sign language? Or the reactions to current environmental and political issues by well-informed and passionate people?

Some RPCVs who just happened to be at Golden Gardens that day, and who had not had previous contact with RPCV groups, were attracted by our banner and stopped by to chat, and hopefully will participate in WSPCA.

The picnic was also the first opportunity to purchase the 2007 RPCV calendar, filled as always with the fascinating, rare looks at real life in other cultures, with photos taken by members of our own PCV and RPCV community. The calendars are on sale for $12 and can be ordered either through our website (see below) or from a WSPCA officer. RPCVs get a special discount of $2.00, so act fast! They make great Christmas gifts!

Thanks to everyone for attending!