WSPCA Dues Due

At our yearly planning meeting on August 26, the board decided to change our system of dues payment. In the past, members’ yearly dues were payable on the anniversary of the month they joined WSPCA; someone who joined in July 2004, for example, would pay their dues every July. This system was workable for a small group, but now that we are at 275 members and counting, it has become unwieldy. To streamline this process, we will now be collecting everyone’s yearly dues in the month of September, and all memberships will go from September to August of the following year. This will also allow us to better plan our budget each October, as we will have a better idea of our revenues.

As we are already out of September, we ask that every member of WSPCA pay their dues by October 31 for the 2006-2007 year. Please make checks out to WSPCA and mail them to the following address:

PO Box 55914
Shoreline, WA 98115-9998

Dues may also be paid in person at our October 8 general meeting (see events page for time and location).

To facilitate the processing of all these checks, a membership form is available on our website. Please print out and complete the form and mail with your check. If that is not possible, please list country and years of service in the memo line, as well as which membership the dues are for: NPCA, WSPCA (local membership only), and/or “Friends of” membership.

Thanks for your cooperation! Any questions can be directed to Jen Nicholas at 206.856.8309 or You can also give checks to Jennifer Samnick, our Membership Coordinator, or Temma Pistrang, our Treasurer, if you see them. We hope that this system will make dues-paying easier to remember, easier to plan, and just more convenient for everyone!