Book Drive Update: WSPCA Makes a Difference


Dear Ms. Jennifer Nichols,
Slidell Pathways is a special ed school in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Our school, along with 4 other public and one parochial school, was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. While we continue our recovery, many needs still exist. One of the people who has helped for the last year and one half with donations and words of encouragement is Ms. Joanne Dufour. She informed me that you and the organization, Peace Corps, have been instrumental in helping Slidell Pathways receive many donated goods. She also indicated that you discuss the situation in the newsletter and for all of these acts of kindness, please accept my sincere appreciation.
Ms. Temma Pistrang, treasurer donated the carbon paper. Believe it or not the staff uses it daily. We are unable to get many forms on NCR paper until we revise them so the carbon paper is helpful. Please thank her for the donation and know that we are an appreciative group.
The Peace Corps and so many individuals have helped this region. Without that help no one would be recovering. I am always amazed at the kindness shown since August 2005.
Please accept my wishes for a peaceful holiday season.
Always, Jackie Landry, Principal

Dear Jennifer,
Your note is most appreciated. As I watched people recovering from the 9/11 attacks I wondered how they dealt with the shock and trauma. So often we heard it was the help of others and, that you simply put one foot in front of the other. A friend of mine who lost her son said she got through it by putting on her lipstick every time she felt like giving up. Of all things, those helped as we looked around us!
Most of all the kindness of others has kept us moving forward and making life better than ever. It has really occurred to many that materials things amount to nothing compared to a helping hand.
Please know that your support and encouragement goes further than any other event that could occur.
You have my respect, Jackie