Getting to know you/us

Did you know that among the SEAPAX membership, 92 countries were represented in Peace Corps service?

As SEAPAX grows, so too does our website. New features will be added in the coming months, and we want to start by recognizing the many good works that you our members are doing at home and abroad. We know that many of you participate in efforts to make our local and global communities a better place. Please send in the name(s) and URLs of organizations that you are involved with, in a work and/or volunteer capacity, along with your own name and PC country (or countries) and dates of services. To see an example of such a listing from another RPCV group, please visit the Our Members page on the website of the Columbia River group in Portland, OR.

Send your submissions to: Let us know also if you have photos of your PC site, country, region, etc. that you’d like to share.