Tonga receives computers from InterConnection

InterConnection sent a shipment of 210 computers to a Peace Corps volunteer in Tonga, Blake Porter. Blake wrote a nice email, shared below, about how the computers are being used and sent some photos.

Tonga computer shipment
Tonga computer shipment

More than 45% of the computers are being used in secondary schools in computer labs, mostly for Computer Studies classes, and so students can type their projects. Over 25% of them are being used to make new computer labs in communities that did not previously have that kind of resource. Those labs are being sponsored by either women’s groups or youth groups.

Interconnection computers in use in Tonga schools
Interconnection computers in use

Another large percentage of computers was bought by school teachers or kindergarten teachers for either classroom or administrative use. A few computers were bought by individuals who would not have been able to afford a computer otherwise. This InterConnection project was a fantastic opportunity for schools, groups and a few individuals to be able to purchase working computers at an affordable price.

News shared by Chuck Brennick, InterConnection