PC 50th Anniversary Exhibit Coming to Portland

The Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience, Portland, OR, is partnering with the Oregon Historical Society to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps in 2011. Together they will create an exhibit highlighting the contributions of PCVs from Oregon and the entire Pacific Northwest, from historical times to present. The show is scheduled to run from January-June 2011.

MPCE LogoThe Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience was organized in 1999 to create a permanent museum to share the Peace Corps story with the general American public. It is a work in progress.

While plans for the 50th Anniversary exhibit are still under development, the MPCE team has asked for help now in several areas. There are opportunities for involvement by RPCV groups as well as by individuals. SEAPAX is exploring our potential participation as a group project, and invites all those interested to contact the Board. More specific details will be available in upcoming months.

Right now, several kinds of help are needed to kick start the project.

Exhibit artifacts

Do you have any museum-quality items from your country of service that could be lent or donated to the exhibit? At this time, the committee asks that you send photos, not the items, for evaluation as to how these might fit into themed exhibits.

Do you have interesting background or stories that go along with the items? The exhibit will feature informational cards for each item, stating RPCV name, country and years of service, and a vignette on how the item was acquired, its significance to you and to the culture of origin.

Financial and fundraising support

An exhibit is very expensive to produce and publicize, even more so in these economic times. It is hoped that each RPCV in the Northwest might donate $10 towards the project, and more if they are able.

Participation of Peace Corps Pioneers

There is special interest in connecting with the RPCV’s from the earliest days of Peace Corps. Right from the start,the Pacific Northwest has made major contributions in total numbers of PCVs and in creating a vibrant RPCV community. A goal of the exhibit is to preserve the legacy of people in our region to the historical development of Peace Corps and to promoting international understanding at home. If you served in one of the initial PC groups in the early ’60s, the exhibit organizers would like to hear from you.

To help with the efforts underway, and for more information, please contact

Martin Kaplan, President
Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience
Portland, OR
(A private 501(c)(3) organization not affiliated with the Peace Corps)