NPCA Meeting Report, December 2008

Joe Hindman, Western Region rep to the NPCA Board, shared the following highlights of the December 9 meeting, held by teleconference:

  • NPCA seems to be on track financially to end the year with little or no deficit.
  • The new and vastly improved NPCA website (aka PC Networking Website) should be up and running sometime in January 09. It will be accessible from the current NPCA website.
  • The NPCA has been accepted to march in the inaugural parade, having been allotted 200 slots.
  • The NPCA expects to receive a grant of nearly $500K from the Gates Foundation. (The grant was approved a few days after the board meeting). The “Africa Rural Connect” project will assess the feasibility of linking the Peace Corps community who served in Sub-Saharan Africa with the African Diaspora to work collectively in developing ideas, strategies and approaches that might assist the rural poor in Africa. If the initial study is successful, additional funds could be forthcoming from the Gates Foundation.
  • Three members of the board of directors (Betty Currie, Aaron Williams, Chuck Ludham) are serving on various Obama transition teams. Chuck is on the transition team for the Peace Corps.
  • A letter to the president-elect will be drafted which outlines the qualities that the NPCA would like to see in a future new PC director. It is now available here.
  • A PC 50th Anniversary Committee is being formed with some high profile individuals from public, private and nonprofit sectors to promote, fundraise, and coordinate activities for the 2011 event.
  • A taskforce has been created to explore establishing a PC commemorative space on the US Capital Mall to coincide with 50th Anniversary of PC.
  • The next board meeting will be held in Washington, DC in early March. Meeting minutes can be found on the NPCA website.