SEAPAX 2009 Board Elections

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Elections for the SEAPAX board for 2009 are now open. You may vote anytime from now until the end of March when the votes will be tallied and new officers installed. Show your support for the board and for SEAPAX by participating in this election.

If you are ready to vote, go to the Election Ballot; follow the instructions on the ballot for casting your vote.

If you want more background on the candidates for the board positions, see below.


Joana Ramos, Brazil 73-75

Joana was a nutrition educator in PC and served in Rio de Janeiro. She was a founding member of the original Seattle RPCV group RAVN (Returned Action Volunteers of the NW), and the former Friends of Brasil Country of Service group. Her schooling includes a BA in Anthropology from Boston U, MSW from UW, and a health education certificate in Brazil. She is a community organization specialist who has worked and/or volunteered for many education, child welfare, health and human services, and community groups. She currently works in the health policy field and as a medical Interpreter. In 2006 she reconnected with SEAPAX, and has enjoyed serving as newsletter editor and VP. Joana looks forward to helping to continue to nurture the group in the role of President.

Vice President

Stacey Wedlake, Mongolia 06-08

Stacey was a health volunteer working with a provincial public health agency in professional development and public education programs. A communications grad of Trinity University in San Antonio, she has been a community organizer in CO, and now works in Job Re-Training for the YWCA and Work Source. As a newly returned Volunteer, she’s been thankful for SEAPAX as a social outlet to meet some great people and seeks to give back to the group to help it grow and evolve. She would like to offer her event planning and activity coordinating experience to expand group volunteering activities, Third Goal work, and sharing of PC experiences.


Jessica de Simas, Malawi 99-01

Jessica was an HIV/AIDS educator in the southern part of Malawi, where she combined community infrastructure-building work with leading a prevention program for teens. Jessica earned a degree in Human Resource Management from the UW, plus a certificate in HIV/AIDS Education. Her current occupation is stay-home mom; previously she worked in pharmaceutical sales. She now has time to pursue additional interests, and recently joined our Grants committee. Jessica looks forward keeping SEAPAX happenings well recorded.


Aileen Ly, Vanuatu 06-07

Aileen has already stepped up to handle the SEAPAX Treasurer role, a natural given her strong organizational and money management skills, honed since childhood. She would like to continue this vital contribution to SEAPAX.  A UW grad with a BS in Biology, Aileen’s PC position involved working with the community to develop a resource management plan for their marine protected area, helping to create emergency preparedness programs for schools. She provides administrative support at a local business and is considering a graduate program in public health.

Membership Coordinator

Brooke Schamke, Ghana 97-00

Brooke works for the YMCA of Seattle and is now sharing her nonprofit sector background with the SEAPAX Grants committee, and seeks to help the group further still by applying her skills to the membership records and outreach.

Board Members at Large

Matt Maria, Tanzania 04-06, The Gambia 06-07

Matt’s PC job was in community-based natural resource management, including animal husbandry and agroforestry work. He’s now employed at UW’s Harborview Medical Center as a grant writer and manager for virology professors.

Noah Cohen, Philippines 06-08

Noah was a small business volunteer in the Bicol region of the Philippines and worked in a project to produce and market family-size water filters.  He brings fresh perspectives as someone a few months out of PC and new to Seattle. His first contact with SEAPAX through the Grants committee was so positive that he decided he would like to be more involved with the group.

Temma Pistrang, Kenya 72-74

Temma was a high school teacher in Kenya, where she served as part of PC family, along with her late husband Marv, and their 3 children. She was also among the founders of RAVN and has held many leadership positions in the Seattle RPCVs group, including the role of Treasurer for SEAPAX. Temma continues to work as teacher, as an active community volunteer, and remains connected to Kenya, including frequently leading naturalist trips back to her former PC site at Lake Nakuru National Park.