SEAPAX Volunteers for WA State Refugee & Immigrant Conference

A SEAPAX contingent served as volunteers for the 3rd Washington State Refugee & Immigrant Conference, held on March 13-14 at UW-Seattle. Our group pitched in with tasks ranging from registration and assisting presenters, to serving lunch and moving furniture. We joined more than 300 attendees to hear from national speakers who shared how their own refugee and immigrantWSRI logo experiences have led to current work assisting and inspiring  today’s newcomers to the USA. In addition, we had a chance to meet service providers at a community resource fair and to attend excellent workshops by local speakers on a broad range of issues and challenges facing New Americans and important to us all. This conference offered a unique opportunity to educate ourselves, while providing a community service.

More information about the workshops and community resources is available on the conference website.

Many thanks to the following SEAPAX members who participated in this event. If anyone’s name has been inadvertently left out, please let us know.

Anna Aguilar
Jeremy Anhalt
Kim Hitchcock
Rebecca Kuenzel
Katherine Kostiuk
Courtney Phelps
Michelle Lee Pressman
Joana Ramos
Jenny Schechter
Caleb Stewart
Stacey Wedlake