Announcing new volunteer opportunities with SEAPAX

Have a few free hours to spare each month?  We need your help to make sure SEAPAX members stay informed and to help newly-returned RPCVs adjust to life in Seattle.  If you can help, please send an email to the board. We need new folks to help out as:

1) SEAPAX Newsletter Editor

If you like to write, this is the position for you. It’s a job that can be shared too.  The editor reports on events and news that SEAPAX members need to know, and collaborates with the webmaster to produce our e-newsletter which is published approximately bimonthly. This is a chance to put your talents to work, to create special features like creative writing (yours or that of other members), inform us about current events or community projects here or overseas, tell travel stories, share recipes and photos, review books & films reviews, and more.

2) RPCV Mentoring Program Coordinator

This is a program of the NPCA which links up PCVs–who have recently finished their service–with RPCV mentors.  The goal of this free program is to offer practical and emotional support from those who have “been there” to newly-returned folks re-adjusting to life in the US. Participants are asked to make a minimum 4-month commitment to the program, with a minimum of 3 contacts, which can be via phone, e-mail, and/or in-person.  Community information resources, details on job and education opportunities, tips on making a mentoring relationship work, and  more, will be offered to both mentors and mentees. The program seeks  RPCVs of all eras to be mentors. Mentoring Program website.