Regional Campout Activities

Summer is half over (already!) and the SEAPAX-hosted Regional Campout is just days away. Because of its strategic location near wonderful scenery and the tourist center of Leavenworth, we anticipate a good crowd. Indications are we will have attendees from the early days of Peace Corps as well as a good contingent of recently returned volunteers.

Of course, much of your time will be spent sharing stories and reminiscing. In addition, there are many potential extracurricular activities in which to participate. Here are just a few. Feel free to take charge and participate in an activity by yourself or with your family or to volunteer to lead a group.

Hikes in and near the Enchantments

Colchuck Lake is about 9 miles RT and offers fantastic views of the Stuart Range.
Nada and Snow Lakes goes up one of the main entry ways to the Enchantments.
Icicle Gorge Loop is a low-elevation hike along the frothy Icicle Creek.
Other area hiking locations are described here.

Fish Hatchery

The Leavenwoth Fish Hatchery, just a couple of miles down the turnoff to Icicle Creek, is open the public and includes several informational exhibits, plus you can walk around the fish pens to see the different stages of growth. More background is here. Beyond the hatchery buildings, toward the river, is a set of trails that wind through the riparian buffer area and further upstream. Nice for an easy stroll and for excellent birdwatching.


Nearby is the Sleeping Lady Resort, a luxury but sought-after meeting place. Their grounds are open for casual strolls amid relaxing scenery and is worth the trip.


There are several rafting outfitters in the area. One that has gotten good reviews includes trips simply for relaxation and trips for families with children. Call ahead for reservations.


Leavenworth has a public swimming pool that charges a nominal fee for non-residents.