Thank you for a succesful campout!

Dear SEAPAX members,

Many thanks to each and every one of you who helped– whether behind the scenes or at the great event– to make this year’s regional RPCV campout a resounding success. From the site selection, logistics,to the shopping and advance cooking and freezing of main dishes, the dessert baking , the meal prep at both home and at the campout, the veggie choppers and the cooks, the tortilla teams, to the clean-up crew and general KP duties, you were fantastic!!!

Please give yourselves a big pat on the back for jobs well done. SEAPAX received many kudos for this year’s campout, and it was truly a group effort.

You’ll be hearing more post-campout news soon. In the meanwhile, if you have photos to share and/or want to write a piece about the campout, please send them on.

Thank you again,

Joana Ramos
Brazil ’73-’75
SEAPAX President