SEAPAX Job Hunters Group Meets Feb.12

Attention job seekers! With many SEAPAX members now looking for work. we’re piloting an informal job hunters group, which will hold its first gathering on Friday February 12, from 10-11 a.m . We’ll meet at the Den of Mosaic Coffeehouse in Wallingford. Please join us to share ideas, support and networking. I’m the contact for this event, and hope to see you there.

FYI , on the SEAPAX website, under the Resources tab, there is a section on employment information and job listing resources. Please send on your recommendation’s for additional resources too.

Joana Ramos
SEAPAX President
tel. 206-229-2420


Den of Mosaic Coffee House, 4401 2nd Ave NE, Seattle 98105

Located in the lower level of the Discovery House building, the entrance to Mosaic is on the corner of 2nd Ave and NE 44th St.

Mosaic is conveniently located on Seattle bus routes 16, 26, & 44

Free parking is available in the Discovery House parking lot,
between the Discovery House Building and Dick’s Drive-In.