Reply by April 1 to help create regional PC 50th Anniversary Exhibit

Forwarding FYI a time-sensitive notice from the Oregon Historical Society and the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience. them directly if you can help or for more info.  Note the April 1, 2010 deadline!!

Joana Ramos
Brazil ’73-’75
SEAPAX President

Calling all Peace Corps Veterans!

As a former Peace Corps volunteer, you have a unique story. The place you lived, the lives you touched, and the way your life changed in the process sets you apart.
Thousands of incredible individuals have given of their time and energy to volunteer for the Peace Corps over the past five decades – it’s time we told some stories!

In 2011, the Peace Corps is excited to celebrate its 50th anniversary.In an effort to share the experiences of Peace Corps volunteers with the wider community,the Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience has teamed up with the Oregon Historical Society to host a commemorative exhibition.

This exhibit will highlight artifacts and personal stories that showcase the cooperation and understanding built around the world where Peace Corps volunteers lived and worked.

We need your help.  To make this unique exhibit a reality,we need YOUR stories, artifacts, and support to make this project a true representation of the Peace Corps experience.
There are so many ways for you to be involved in this  project, whether it be loaning an object for display, sharing your personal story, or helping us raise the necessary funds to produce the exhibit.

The exhibit, opening March 2011, will present a variety of objects, from leatherwork, carvings, and furniture to pieces of art, recorded stories, and personal letters and mementoes.

If you have an object(s) you would like to loan to the exhibit and share your experience with us, please let us know!

The deadline for submitting the photos and descriptions of items is April 1, 2010.

To find out more about the exhibit and how you can be involved contact
Marsha Matthews, Director of Public Services Oregon Historical Society
1200 SW Park Ave.
Portland OR 97205
tel. 503.306.5274, or

For any additional questions please feel free to visit our website at or contact Martin Kaplan at