Urgent! SEAPAX Needs New Officers!

This is an urgent plea for help to everyone who cares about SEAPAX! If you’ve enjoyed coming to our events, networking when you were new in town or new to Seattle, having a chance to discuss world affairs with those who’ve been there, getting support for readjustment and culture shock, and opportunities for  3rd Goal community involvement, then you know the value of SEAPAX. We are much, much more than a virtual social network, we are the community for RPCVs in greater Seattle.

But in order to keep this all going, the active participation of members in leadership roles is essential! The annual call for nominations for officers and chairpeople went out at the beginning of the month, and nominations close on Feb. 28.  While some of the current folks will seek election again, we need YOU to step up to the plate to keep SEAPAX alive and well.

We have many exciting activities planned for late February and early March, and have started planning our local commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps. Warm weather events are already on the calendar, including a late June  SEAPAX campout, the annual July picnic, and the yearly RPCV regional campout in August. Without a full compliment of group leaders in our new business year, which starts April 1, none of this will happen and the group’s very existence could be in danger.

Our next meeting will include a chance to “meet the candidates” on Sunday, March 7, from 2-4 p.m in the back room of the pub (downstairs) at the College Inn, 4000 University Way NE.

Please make a commitment to SEAPAX by submitting your nomination ASAP to board(at)seapax(dot)org. Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like more information.

Thank you,

Joana Ramos
Brazil ’73-’75
SEAPAX President
tel. 206-229-2420