Peace Corps Assessement Team seeks RPCV input

Forwarding FYI a request just received  from Peace Corps’s Assessment Team, seeking your input for their agency-wide program evaluation. Comments are due by March 19.

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On behalf of the Peace Corps Assessment Team, we’re writing to remind you of our sincere desire to have your input towards Director Williams’ comprehensive agency assessment.
Thanks in advance for your willingness to share your insights with us.

Warm regards.

The Peace Corps Assessment Team

Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 12:08 PM
Cc: Agency Assessment
Subject: Peace Corps Assessment – RPCV Input

February 26, 2010

TO:                  Representatives of RPCV Groups and Associations

FROM:            Peace Corps Assessment Team

SUBJECT:      RPCV Input for Agency-wide Assessment

During Director Williams’ confirmation hearing, he expressed his intention to conduct an assessment of the Peace Corps as a means of strengthening, reforming, and growing the agency.  With increased resources and a desire to strengthen operations and grow, the Peace Corps must be able to articulate and communicate sound plans.  Congress has also requested that Peace Corps complete an assessment and make recommendations in the following 7 areas:

1) improving the recruitment and selection process to attract a wide diversity of highly and appropriately skilled volunteers;

2) training and medical care for volunteers and staff;

3) adjusting volunteer placement to reflect priority United States interests, country needs and commitment to shared goals, and volunteer skills;

4) coordinating with international and host country development assistance organizations;

5) lowering early termination rates;

6) strengthening management and independent evaluation and oversight; and

7) any other steps needed to ensure the effective use of resources and volunteers, and to prepare for and implement an appropriate expansion of the Peace Corps.

Additionally, the assessment will address how the Peace Corps can strengthen third goal activities.  Director Williams will submit a report to Congress in June of this year.

The Agency Assessment Team is seeking input from domestic and field staff, Volunteers, Returned Volunteers and sources outside of the agency.  We are asking for your assistance as an RPCV group to contribute unique RPCV perspectives on opportunities for strengthening the Peace Corps.   We would greatly appreciate it if you would communicate with your members to solicit their ideas and suggestions related to the areas mentioned above.
Please consolidate comments, insights and suggestions into a single communication and email it to:

We hope to receive submissions prior to Friday, March 19th.

Thank you for your contributions and support of the agency.