SEAPAX to Commemorate Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

Next year, 2011, Peace Corps turns 50!  RPCV  groups , both local and country-of-service focused, are developing plans to recognize this important milestone. SEAPAX  is now launching a 50th Committee to plan and carry out our own special events to mark the occasion.   Recently I met with representatives of  Seattle Public Library , and was delighted to learn of their interest in working with SEAPAX.  A a result of this meeting, the SPL has offered to partner with us for the commemoration.  We will need to present program plans to them  by fall of this year.   Some preliminary ideas that were discussed included: displays of  literature by and about RPCVS; multimedia presentations; discussions on topics like  Peace Corps in the world; and most especially, a 3rd Goal focus, with interactive programs highlighting the many and varied contributions of Seattle RPCVs in their local communities and beyond. These are just a few possible, potential ideas.  The ultimate plan will be decided by us,  SEAPAX members who served in every decade from the ’60s on,.

So we have an exciting challenge to take on: figuring exactly what we want to do, and how we will do it. To get started on the planning process , the first meeting of the 50th Committee will take place  at 7 pm, on Thursday, April 22 at my home in NE Seattle.  Please RSVP by April 19 to:

And please feel free also to share your thoughts and ideas with me in advance of the meeting,  by email and by phone.  If  you want to participate, but can’t come on the 22nd, please let me know , so that your name will be added to the committee list.

Please distribute this message widely, to maximize our reach .  While the active membership of SEAPAX  is currently small,  we have names of over 600 RPCVs on our mailing list, and we know that many hundreds more live in the area.

Joana Ramos
Brazil ’73-’75
50th Committee Chair
tel. 206-229-2420