You’ll be hearing from us soon

You’ll be hearing from us soon, SEAPAX is holding it’s first Membership

We will be calling people encouraging them to be paid SEAPAX members. As a
member, you have the ability to participate in exciting upcoming events such
as Peace Corps’ 50th anniversary celebration, discounts and member-only
activities, and our exclusive Seapax newsletter.

Members provide us with the stable funding for our activities, grants and
fulfillment of the third goal.

If you sign up today, your membership for the rest of 2010 is FREE.

The cost for a 2011 SEAPAX membership is free for first year or $15 for
returning members.

Because of membership dues we have the ability to fund:

– Peace Corps partnership grants we’ve funded in the past were: a rural
health center in Tanzania, early childhood development workshops in
Thailand, and a seed storage facility in Senegal.
– Because of your membership dues we also have the ability to fund local
projects such as Treehouse, Eat Local now, and Food Lifeline
– Some of the exciting events we’ve organized for Seapax members are
annual campouts, holiday parties, picnics, pub nights, potlucks, guest
speakers, family game nights, volunteer opportunities and helping the local
Peace Corps recruiting office at exciting venues like Bumbershoot and the
Fremont Fair.

SEAPAX President