Peace Corps 50th Exhibit at Oregon Historical Society Seeks Contributions

Tom Gehring, a former SEAPAX member  who has recently  relocated to Portland, asked to share the following  message:


Hello friends at SEAPAX:
Tom Gihring here…  After moving to Portland in June, I linked up with the Columbia River Peace Corps Association (CRPCA), which turns out to be a very active group.  Before leaving Seattle I recalled recieving a notice in the SEAPAX newletter about a special exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) to commemorates the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps.  So I rounded up some of the souveniers I collected from my service in Sierra Leone in the early 1960s and brought them to Portland.  Now I have joined the board of the 501c3 organization: Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience (CMPCE).  This group has teamed up with OHS to host the commemorative exhibition.  The exhibit will open in March 2011 and will feature a variety of objects – from leatherworks, carvings, other artworks, and personal mementos.
If you are so inclined, we need your help and financial support to make this project a true representation of the Peace Corps experience.  If you have items that you are not placing on exhibit at the Seattle Public Library, please consider bringing them or sending them to Portland.  The exhibit actually goes beyond the OHS museum on SW Park Avenue.  CMPCE is arranging traveling exhibits to be shown in various venues in the region.
Please visit our website at  The chair of this organization is Martin Kaplan, who can be reached by phone at 503-699-9833.