Seeking RPCV Photos for the 50th PC Anniversary Montage/Slide Show for SEAPAX

Here is the latest notice from Larry Kaye on the SEAPAX 50th slideshow for our March 20 event.

Joana Ramos, Brazil ’73-’75
Chair, SEAPAX 50th Peace Corps Anniversary Committee

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Announcement for the Solicitation of RPCV Photos for the 50th Anniversary of Peace Corps Montage/Slide Show Honoring the Peace Corps Volunteer (1961-2011)

The SEAPAX 50th Peace Corps Anniversary Committee is still seeking photographs of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for our celebration on March 20, 2011. We’d like to ask for one and only one PHOTO (no videos) from each RPCV or current volunteer, to be e-mailed as an attachment to:

Larry Kaye (RPCV, Cameroon ’89-’92) at: lrrkaye(at)gmail(dot)com.

Please include only the year and location/country of service for your photo. Both black & white and color photos will be accepted.

To complete the project, Larry still needs photos from the decades of the 1970s & 1980s. In early February, an announcement will be made to solicit photos from those of you who served in the 90s & 00s . This is the last call for photos from the earlier years of Peace Corps, the 60s, 70s & 80s.

For any questions , please contact Larry at the email address. above.

Your participation is most appreciated. Let us celebrate the American Peace Corps Volunteer.