Volunteers Needed for SEAPAX 50th Celebration on March 20

We are in need of a few more volunteers to help with the 50th event at the SPL Central Library.  Many thanks to all those who have already signed up.  Please let me know if you can help for all or part of the event.  Helpers need to arrive no later than 1 pm, and we need to be out of the building when it closes at 5 pm. The 50th event itself runs from 2-4:30 p.m.  Judging by the enthusiastic responses we have been receiving, early arrivals are expected.

Here is a list of  tasks:

  • 7 people to assist SPL staff  ( 1 per each of the 4 breakout sessions , and 3 for general tasks)
  • 2-4 people for 30 minute shifts staffing SEAPAX info table
  • 2-4 people as guides in building
  • Reception:  set up, serving cake & beverage,and clean up
  • Photographer(s) to take pictures of event
  • Everyone: circulate & be available to talk with attendees, direct them to guestbook, maps, SEAPAX info,etc.

Please let me know which job(s) you can do, or if you’d like to be assigned as needed.  You will receive a follow-up email  to confirm details.

Thank you in advance,

Joana Ramos
Chair, SEAPAX 50th PC Anniversary Committee
tel. 206-229-2420