It’s time to cast your vote!

Elections for the 2011 SEAPAX Board are now open. Members may vote any time from now until 5pm, Sunday, March 27th. You may cast one ballot during the voting period, all subsequent ballots will be voided and not counted in the final tally. The new Board will take office on April 1st. Show your support for SEAPAX by participating in this election. Candidates biographies are available for review here

When you are ready to vote, go to the Election Ballot and follow the instructions on the ballot for casting your vote.

To cast a ballot, you must be a paid SEAPAX member. If you are not yet a SEAPAX member or need to renew your membership, sign up today and mail-in your membership form.

If you have any questions about the ballot or how to vote, please email

Thank you for your participation