SEAPAX 50th Peace Corps Anniversary Celebration a Great Success!

Thanks to The Seattle Public Library and a wonderful team of volunteers, our  “Peace Corps: 50 Years of Promoting Service and Global Understanding” event held on March 20th was a resounding success.

Many thanks to all who helped to organize and carry out our March 20th event!!!!!    Your involvement every step of the way, including, but not limited to: planning and communications; creating the poster, bibliography and the PCV slide show;  serving as point people, panelists,  workshop facilitators and inspirational keynote speakers; arranging for  the library display; serving as hosts & hostesses; taking pictures; providing the attractive refreshments and birthday party; staffing the SEAPAX table; directing traffic; to taking care of the final cleanup,  were what made it all possible.

Thank you to:

Nancy Amidei Becky Anderson
Lillian Baer Hilary Beam
Naomi Botkin Julie Bryan
Marlene Buffington Erin Burke
Rosie Burns Kristen Comer
Joanne Dufour Josh Fliegel
Sara Gore Mike Greenberg
Kari Groves Jen Simon Halai
Rachel Harris Kimberly Hitchcock
Sharon Hunter Darryl Johnson
Larry Kaye Aileen Ly
Joshuah Marshall Pat McGovern
Kimberly McLaury Carol McRoberts
Temma Pistrang Jodi Reimer
Devin Reynolds Jennifer Rogers
Bunny Schmidley Natalie Sloan
Catherine Swanson Paulette Thompson
Carolee Walters Michael Wehling
Becky Joel
Otila Silao

( We want to make sure that everyone’s efforts are  properly acknowledged , so please let me know all your complete names, any mis-spellings, and if anyone was inadvertently omitted from the list. Please accept my apologies too for any errors.)

Extra special thanks are owed to Valerie Wonder SPL ‘s ESL & Literacy Program Manager for her months of work with us,  to SPL staffers Amy and Mattice at the event. The support of the Peace Corps Northwest Regional Office, especially of  Melanie Forthun, Public Affairs Specialist and staff was invaluable.  In-kind support by the Starbuck’s Coffee and the World Affairs Council of  Greater Seattle contributed  to the event as well.  And we we greatly honored by the participation of Congressman Jim McDermott at this special occasion.

Photos of the event will be published soon.  The workshops received accolades from the attendees, and  number of people made a point of  sharing that they would be very interested in future SEAPAX programs on these topics:

  • Bringing the World to the Classroom
    Facilitator: Kristen Comer; Panelists: Joanne Dufour, Paulette Thompson, Carolee Walters
  • Peace Corps in Perspective
    Facilitator: Michael Wehling
  • Book Discussion:
    Facilitator: Jen Simon Halai

One such venue is already under way thanks to Jen : the SEAPAX International Book Club, which will meet on Sunday  afternoon April 17 . For details, see separate announcement.

Thanks again so much!

Joana Ramos
Chair, SEAPAX 50th PC Anniversary Committee