SEAPAX Grants Program Updates

The SEAPAX Grants Committee recently awarded funds to the following Peace Corps Partnership Programs (PCPP). Both the Alden Landis Memorial Fund and the Toilets for the Elderly project are still open to additional funding.
$100 to Alden Landis Memorial Fund – Mozambique
$300 to Toilets for the Elderly – Suriname

$200 to Safety Net for Malnourished Children – Madagascar

$200 to Environmental Youth Office – Paraguay

In addition to supporting projects sponsored by PCVs who are from or
returning to the state of Washington, SEAPAX also supports projects of
nonprofit organizations here in Washington state that are sponsored by
RPCVs. We encourage SEAPAX members who are involved as staff, board
members, or volunteers with local nonprofit organizations to consider
applying for a SEAPAX grant. Grant applications are reviewed on a rolling
basis and awards are dependent upon available funding. You may also
consider ways to organize a SEAPAX activity or event as an additional
fundraising opportunity. The majority of SEAPAX grant funds are generated
through the annual sale of the International Calendars. Thank you to all
of you who continue to support this program by purchasing calendars each
year. SEAPAX currently has $200 from our 2011 budget that we have slated for local projects.
The applicant must be a SEAPAX member. Visit for membership information.
The sponsoring SEAPAX member should submit a completed SEAPAX Grant
Application via e-mail to the grants committee. (instructions and application form available on seapax grants website)
The SEAPAX grants committee will review applications as they are received
and will respond to all submitted applications. We will try to respond within 30 business days.
Additional information about theSEAPAX grant program, including Grants
History, can be found on the SEAPAX grants website:
Please contact the Grants Committee ( or a SEAPAX board member
if you are interested in joining the SEAPAX Grants Committee or if you have any questions or would like any additional information.