2013-2014 Board Candidate Biographies

Thank you to everyone that nominated someone (or themselves)! We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year to come. Below are the Board Candidate biographies. Please refer to these biographies when voting.

Simone LaPray
Ukraine, 2006-2011

Simone LaPray has been nominated by the SEAPAX Board to serve as President for the upcoming year. For the past year, she has served as a At -Large Board Member and as Chair of the Grants Committee. Simone LaPray completed her PC service in Ukraine from 2006-2011. Though her primary assignment was TEFL, she had the opportunity to work on health, community development and youth programs. She hopes to sustain and build upon the amazing work of SEAPAX by helping to expand the SEAPAX membership base, foster the relationship with local NGOs/satellite RPCV groups (Bellingham and Olympia) and serve as a steward to the RPCV community.

Vice President
Lillian Baer
Cote d’Ivoire, 1966-1968

Lillian brings a wealth of experience with Peace Corps and non-profit management to SEAPAX. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cote d’Ivoire (1966-1968), worked at Peace Corps Headquarters in Washington, DC and later filled various staff positions for Peace Corps in Senegal, Gambia and Niger (1974-1979). She co-founded and ran Africa Consultants International/Baobab Center, a training and resource center in Dakar, Senegal from 1984-2006. Lillian looks forward to continuing her work with the growing RPCV network in the Seattle area and encouraging involvement from RPCVs of every background.

Carey Homan
Ukraine, 2008-2010

Not only would serving on the SEAPAX board provide me with the opportunity to become a more active member, but it would also give me the opportunity to give back to SEAPAX. I believe that I would be an excellent treasurer and I ask that you please consider me for the position. I have received both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting and I am currently working as a CPA at a boutique accounting firm in Redmond. As treasurer, I could use my educational background and professional skills to benefit the organization.

Dina Davis
Paraguay, 2009 -2011

Dina has the time and energy to support SEAPAX by functioning as the Board Secretary, a position in which she has served by appointment since October 2012.

Dina served in Paraguay working for a small town city hall in Municipal Services Development. She worked with city hall employees to improve their technical skills and created maps at all scales of the region, city and neighborhoods for the use of the mayor and the citizens. She also drew plans for various projects in the community and organized a summer camp for elementary students.

She is a licensed Landscape Architect with many years of experience in site planning and project development. She loves designing using AutoCAD software and is learning Adobe Illustrator and advanced Photoshop.

At Large Board Member
Joana Ramos
Brazil 1973-1975

Joana served in Rio de Janeiro as a nutrition educator . She has been involved in the leadership of a number of domestic and international community-based organizations, including the original Seattle RPCV group and the former Friends of Brasil. In recent years she has been active in SEAPAX in various roles, including as Chair of the 50th Peace Corps Anniversary Committee. Joana is an independent health policy consultant, and also a community organization specialist who assists nonprofit groups with program and management services. She is a founding member of the Washington State Coalition for Language Access and serves as a Board member and Chair of its Healthcare Committee. Joana looks forward to re-joining the SEAPAX Board to help continue its work with RPCVs and the greater community.

At Large Board Member
Shahida Shahrir
Morocco, 2005-2007

Serving as an At-Large member of the SEAPAX Board and Events Coordinator, I organized happy hours, a presidential debate viewing party, salsa night, and AIDS 5K run–raising $543 for the Life Long AIDS Alliance. In collaboration with One World Now!, an organization dedicated to creating the next generation of world leaders and fostering multi-cultural awareness, I am coordinating a series of RPCV-lead “third goal” presentations to high school juniors in the Seattle area. It has been an enriching to share my Peace Corps experience with RPCVs and the general public alike and to work towards expanding SEAPAX reach. I hope to continue this work the next year by being re-elected to the At-Large position.

My two years in Morocco serving as a Maternal and Child Health volunteer (2005-2007) were some of the most challenging, exhilarating and transformative of my life. The personal growth and camaraderie I discovered with my fellow volunteers was something I sought post-service, and have found amongst the members of the SEAPAX community. I hope to create more opportunities in which we can all build upon the energy, diversity and spirit of social responsibility already alive in the SEAPAX network and celebrate our shared experiences through our many social and service events.

At Large Board Member
Jaron Reed
Guatemala, 2010-2012

I grew up in Edmonds, and after earning a degree from Arizona State University, I completed my Peace Corps service in Guatemala. Next year, I hope to start a Masters of Public Health program at the University of Washington.

I am interested in being an At-large board member, and specifically taking on duties as the Service Events Chairperson. I’m very involved with Seattle service and community events; I am an employee and at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center with the Biobehavioral Health Disparities Lab, and Seattle Aquarium Volunteer.

Currently, I’m also involved with the University of Washington Department of Computer Science & Engineering to develop an on-line platform for Peace Corps to use in the field with infrastructure projects. We are in the process of getting more PCV/RPCV feedback for the project, and I think that this could be an exciting opportunity to engage Seattle-area RPCVs with a new phase in Peace Corps history – the Innovation Challenge.

Mostly, I think that engaging the RPCV community is one of the biggest areas of potential growth for Peace Corps as an organization. I’d like to help connect Seattle RPCVs to another stage of service – it will be fun!