Are you a member with the NPCA?

One of the benefits of being a member of the National Peace Corps Association is a voice in the governing of the organization through regional representation on the NPCA Board of Directors.  We remind you that there is just one week left to vote in this year’s election in the West region.*  Voting closes April 30, 2013
If you’ve already voted, thank you!  To vote or to confirm that your vote is recorded, you can follow these same steps outlined here. 

Instructions for voting (or simply go to and follow the links from “log in to vote here”):

  1.   Please read about the candidates before proceeding to the online ballot.
  2.   Go to the login page for our online member system.  If you do not know your login, please use the automated “forgotten your login?” link just below the login.  (We sent this message to your email address on record using the name in the greeting line above.  If your email address has changed, you may update that after you log in.)
  3.   Once logged in, please follow through until you get to the confirmation screen.  See the detailed instructions at the bottom of this email if you need further assistance.
  4. If you are eligible to vote in multiple regions, you will need to return to the main menu after each vote to continue voting in each of your regions. 
  5.   While you are logged in, please take a moment to check and update your profile as needed.
Candidates elected in 2013 begin their Board service in June at Peace Corps Connect – Boston 2013.  Register for this event while you are logged in to vote!

Thank you for your engagement with the Peace Corps community and for your participation in this year’s election.

With very best regards,
Anne Baker
NPCA Vice President
Fiji 1985-1987

* You will receive an email for each region in which you are eligible to vote according to your address, group membership status and/or country of service history logged in our database.
Detailed instructions:
  1. Click on “Vote in the 2013 NPCA Board of Directors Election
  2. Click on a region in which you are eligible to vote.
  3. Look in the right-hand column, under “action.”  To vote, click on “start here.”  If you attempted to vote earlier and your vote did not go through, you will need to click on “finish it.”  If you successfully voted earlier, you will see “review it.” (Note that you cannot change a vote already completed.)
  4. Vote for your selection (or write-in a new candidate), then click “review all responses.”
  5. On the next page, click either to “change your answers” or “complete your response.”
  6. Once you have successfully voted, you will see the message: “Your response has been accepted! Thanks for your participation.
  7. If you are eligible to vote in multiple regions, click on “return to main menu” and repeat the steps above.