SEAPAX needs a Webmaster

Long serving Webmaster Scott Ramos has stepped down and we need a new webmaster! Our site has been created on the user-friendly platform so your skills are highly transferable. Here are the duties:

Webmaster responsibilities
Domain and Email Management
Maintain billing administration for our domain, including updating credit card information, mailing address, domain renewals, etc.
Administer email addresses and aliases, including removing or adding accounts and updating forwarding addresses for all positions.
Website Management
-Administer accounts for website contributors.
-Maintain billing information for the WordPress account.
-Update side panel content when notified of changes to links, most importantly, to the current calendar information.
-Update contact information when new board takes place and when new board members are installed.
-Add new content in the form of time-sensitive posts in coordination with newsletter editor.
-Update reference information such as grants guidelines and history, resource information, book club listings and locations, etc.
-Add PDFs of newsletters, business meeting minutes, and annual summaries.
If you can help, or want more information, contact us at