Social Media Changes

We would like to highlight a number of social media changes that we plan to implement in the near future.  We believe these changes will create a more interactive, connected and involved SEAPAX community.


SEAPAX has decided to invest in a new website, which will be supported and sponsored by NPCA.  The new website will provide additional functionalities that our current website does not offer, which includes:

  • improved tools to plan and organize events
  • improved tools to create and organize different types of groups (i.e. social and service-oriented groups) within our network
  • forums for members to directly communicate with one another and to post things such as job opportunities
  • increased integration with NPCA and other RPCV affiliate groups
  • improved ability for members to update and manage their accounts/profiles  

We are hoping to launch the new website before the start of summer.  Additional updates will be provided in the coming months.

FB Group

We have created a SEAPAX FB Group (not to be confused with our FB Page!).  This forum will provide a greater degree of freedom for members to post and connect with other SEAPAX members compared to our SEAPAX FB Page.  The FB Group has already been launched and we plan to continue to support the FB Page as well moving forward.           

Yahoo Group

Due to a lack of use, we have decided to retire our Yahoo Group on March 1st.