SEAPAX is a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) dedicated to improving international understanding at all levels. We aim to fulfill the 3rd Goal of the Peace Corps: Bringing the World Back Home. We draw on the lessons we have learned from living in the two-thirds world to promote increased understanding of the social, political and economic circumstances, as well as the global interdependence of people worldwide. Visit our Mission statement to learn more.

To contact one of the SEAPAX Board members, coordinators or committees, email info@seapax.org or visit the Contacts page. Please contact one of the SEAPAX officers if you have any topics you would like to have brought up at these meetings.

SEAPAX is a Washington State public benefit nonprofit corporation operated in accordance with Chapter 24.03 RCW, the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act and is a tax-exempt small charity registered both with the WA State Secretary of State, Charities Division and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Our  EIN is 26-2779603. See our meeting Minutes or SEAPAX By-laws to learn more.

SEAPAX is an NPCA member.  To join the NPCA, please visit the NPCA page directly.