Seattle Area Peace Corps Association

SEAPAX is a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) dedicated to improving international understanding at all levels. We aim to fulfill the 3rd Goal of the Peace Corps: Bringing the World Back Home. We draw on the lessons we have learned from living in the two-thirds world to promote increased understanding of the social, political and economic circumstances, as well as the global interdependence, of people worldwide.


SEAPAX was founded in 1977 by returned Peace Corps Volunteers living in greater Seattle. Originally called RAVN, Returned Action Volunteers of the Northwest, it included both former Peace Corps and VISTA volunteers among its members. In 1996, the group became the Washington State Peace Corps Association, then renamed Seattle Area Peace Corps Association (SEAPAX) in 2007. We now have satellite groups in several other Puget Sound communities, and have been a member group of the National Peace Corps Association since 1983.


We participate in activities that aim to help our home communities and our nation to better understand the people and cultures of the countries and regions where we once served, including:

  • Global education efforts of local educational institutions, organizations, and the media
  • Involvement and advocacy efforts with immigrant communities in Washington State
  • Community service projects
  • Recruitment of potential new Peace Corps Volunteers
  • Partnership with other organizations with similar goals

Meetings & Events

SEAPAX has business and general meetings, educational programs, potluck dinners and social gatherings throughout the year, as well as evening pub gatherings and visits to local ethnic restaurants. We hold periodic special events, participate in community programs and service projects, networking opportunities, and offer speakers for schools and organizations. SEAPAX  traditionally holds a December holiday party and a summer picnic at a local park. Events are open to all, including RPCVs, prospective Peace Corps Volunteers, families and friends and community members. We participate in RPCV gatherings, including a regional summer campout and regional and national meetings, held in rotating locations.

Peace Corps Recruitment

SEAPAX assists the local Peace Corps office with recruiting efforts. We participate in outreach events across Western Washington, Peace Corps Week during the first week of March and an annual send-off party for new volunteers.


Since its inception, SEAPAX has raised funds for a variety of community projects, both domestic and international. Each year we sell international, multicultural photo calendars produced by RPCVs of WI-Madison, with proceeds going to support the work of selected projects.


In addition to our website integrated with periodic e-newsletters, SEAPAX also offers members web-based communication, with Facebook and Twitter pages.

Mailing Address

PO Box 77712
Seattle, WA 98177