Pub Nights

RPCV Happy Hour aka SEAPAX Pub Night

SEAPAX welcomes you to our monthly RPCV Happy Hour. We want to extend the sense of community and friendship here at home in Seattle. To keep it fun, there are some strict rules that everyone must abide by! LOL!

  1. You must have been in the Peace Corps or getting ready to leave for your assignment
  2. Age restriction: You must be at least 21 but younger than the oldest RPCV in attendance.
  3. If you’re a recent RPCV, unemployed, and looking for a job … someone owes you a drink and some free words of wisdom.
  4. No one is required to drink. Look, the point of happy hour is to be happy. If alcohol isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine.
  5. Spouses, significant others, children, plants and pets are welcome! (as long as they were in the Peace Corps; see rule number one).
  6. English is not the official language! Do you know how to say “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Please, stop feeding me, my stomach is going to explode” in a second, maybe even third language? If so, RPCV Happy Hour is calling you.

Just because Peace Corps was “the hardest job you ever loved,” doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a break.

If you cannot join us this month, clear your calendar for the last Thursday of each month for the rest of the year!  Location will be posted on the calendar and our social media places.