Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker for your class or community group about a country of the world where Peace Corps Volunteers have worked? Want to talk about your Peace Corps experience and/or the country where you served?

SEAPAX offers a Speakers Bureau service as part of our mission to help fulfill the 3rd Goal of the Peace Corps: to help people in the US become better informed about the rest of the world. We can match RPCVs from all decades with requesters looking for speakers to talk to groups of all ages. Collectively, we offer unique perspectives from living at the community level in locations across the globe, from large cities to remote rural areas, from the ’60s to the present. And we can arrange for presentations by individuals as well as organize panel discussions by multiple RPCV speakers.

Here’s how it works

Send an email message to speakers@seapax.org with the following information:

To request a speaker

  • name of your school or organization
  • coordinates for a contact person, including phone number
  • brief description of the kind of presentation you are looking for
  • target audience, including age group, grade level, etc.
  • date, time, and desired length of presentation
  • relevant venue details, AV equipment available, etc.

We will coordinate with you to meet your specific program needs.

To offer to be a speaker

  • Peace Corps country or countries of service, program, and years
  • topics you can discuss
  • previous public speaking experience, if any (not a requirement)
  • days of the week and times of day that you are generally available to speak
  • preferred local geographic area and/or audience, if any
  • media or formats that you like to use
  • day and evening phone numbers

We will work with you to help prepare for the presentation, including solo and panel presentations.