Ramadan Iftar Potluck, Thursday 6/8

Join SEAPAX on Thursday, June 8, for an evening of information, dialog and a meal!

Ramadan is a month of fasting and prayer observed by Muslims around the world. To learn more about Islam and Muslim culture we have again invited Imam Jamal Rahman to join us.  Imam Rahman is one of the three “Interfaith Amigos” who use dialog and discussion to increase understanding among three of the world’s great religious traditions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Volunteers and friends are invited to join us for an evening of socializing, discussion and fun. This is the third time SEAPAX has organized an iftar potluck and last year we had a wonderful turnout and a stimulating evening.

Thursday, June 8, 7 pm, at a private home in Magnolia. Please RSVP to Mark Hower mhower@antioch.edu for the address.

So bring a dish to share after the sun goes down! Here are a couple of
websites to inspire you: http://www.food.com/topic/Ramadan ;  http://dish.allrecipes.com/ramadan/

Learn more about Jamal Rahman at http://www.jamalrahman.com/

SEAPAX needs a Webmaster

Long serving Webmaster Scott Ramos has stepped down and we need a new webmaster! Our site has been created on the user-friendly WordPress.com platform so your skills are highly transferable. Here are the duties:

Webmaster responsibilities
Domain and Email Management
Maintain billing administration for our seapax.org domain, including updating credit card information, mailing address, domain renewals, etc.
Administer email addresses and aliases, including removing or adding accounts and updating forwarding addresses for all positions.
Website Management
-Administer accounts for website contributors.
-Maintain billing information for the WordPress account.
-Update side panel content when notified of changes to links, most importantly, to the current calendar information.
-Update contact information when new board takes place and when new board members are installed.
-Add new content in the form of time-sensitive posts in coordination with newsletter editor.
-Update reference information such as grants guidelines and history, resource information, book club listings and locations, etc.
-Add PDFs of newsletters, business meeting minutes, and annual summaries.
If you can help, or want more information, contact us at info@seapax.org


Small Grant Opportunities for Local Community Project

One of the Peace Corps skills, adaptability, comes to mind as the Grants Committee moves forward in 2017.  There has been so much support from donations, calendar or note card sales, and membership that we are eager to connect with local organizations that meet the SEAPAX mission and guidelines. We are asking for suggestions from our membership of local organizations. We are planning in conjunction with the Give Big on May 10th to stretch our money value. Another Peace Corps skill, resourcefulness! Also, if you know a Give Big organization you’d like to see supported, let us know. The Grants are your way to make a small difference.

Local applications are due April 30th. Access this application on the SEAPAX website under the Fundraising tab.Please contact Ilene Jaffe and Millie Andrews grantschair@seapax.org with questions.

At its March meeting, the SEAPAX board voted to allocate small grants to Peace Corps Partnerships Projects (PCPP), both of which implement the Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) initiative in Swaziland and Cambodia with youth projects. SEAPAX welcomes new proposals from both domestic and international applicants, and will acknowledge within two to four weeks.

The Grants committee is seeking new members. Join us in evaluating grants from domestic and international projects. Please contact Ilene Jaffe and Millie Andrews: grantschair@seapax.org.

2017 Annual Campout – North Cascades National Park July 14-16

MarmotThe 2017 annual SEAPAX campout will be held at the Newhalem Creek Campground in the North Cascades National Park, July 14-16. We have reserved several adjacent individual campsites that should accommodate our group. Details about the campground can be found here.

As time gets closer to the camping dates, we will post more information about activities, daytime and evening, including our traditional Saturday night potluck. Mark this event on your calendar. There will be lots to do and see! For more information, send a note to the campout committee.

A taste of the park can be found in this album.