Whether you are new to Seattle, seeking a new job, or just need some practical referrals, the SEAPAX  resource listings can help. Included here are community resources for housing, employment, volunteer opportunities, education, health insurance, and transportation.  Plus,  we are a network whose members are often able to give some counsel and advice to RPCVs new to the area. Look through the resources listed on these pages to get started in your quest for information. We welcome you to attend our general meetings as well as our social gatherings to meet up with local SEAPAXers. Post your questions on the SEAPAX Yahoo group discussion list and on our Facebook page.   You can  contribute too, sending  your suggestions for additions as well as helping us to keep these listings as accurate and current as possible.  Please let us know if there are any broken links or entries that need to be revised, by sending a message to:

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