Grant Applications Available!

Grant applications for both Seattle Area organizations and International projects are being accepted now! See the Grants Guidelines and applications (Seattle Area and International) for more details.  Apply today!

Also, SEAPAX is seeking suggestions from local organizations for the Giving Tuesday on Nov. 28th. Please email The deadline is November 1st, 2017.


Small Grant Opportunities for Local Community Project

One of the Peace Corps skills, adaptability, comes to mind as the Grants Committee moves forward in 2017.  There has been so much support from donations, calendar or note card sales, and membership that we are eager to connect with local organizations that meet the SEAPAX mission and guidelines. We are asking for suggestions from our membership of local organizations. We are planning in conjunction with the Give Big on May 10th to stretch our money value. Another Peace Corps skill, resourcefulness! Also, if you know a Give Big organization you’d like to see supported, let us know. The Grants are your way to make a small difference.

Local applications are due April 30th. Access this application on the SEAPAX website under the Fundraising tab.Please contact Ilene Jaffe and Millie Andrews with questions.

At its March meeting, the SEAPAX board voted to allocate small grants to Peace Corps Partnerships Projects (PCPP), both of which implement the Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) initiative in Swaziland and Cambodia with youth projects. SEAPAX welcomes new proposals from both domestic and international applicants, and will acknowledge within two to four weeks.

The Grants committee is seeking new members. Join us in evaluating grants from domestic and international projects. Please contact Ilene Jaffe and Millie Andrews:

SEAPAX Wants You!

The start of spring (on the calendar anyhow) and the SEAPAX fiscal year is a good time to think about new ways to get involved with our group. An important and enjoyable way to help is by joining a working committee and/or taking on a special job. Our Grants committee is well underway, and we need your help in other areas too. SEAPAX especially needs folks for the following:

Events: organizes and publicizes SEAPAX events, social and topical or any combination thereof. This includes regular potlucks, pub nights and eats out venues; the annual picnic and holiday party; arranging presentations or speakers for these events; planning new events like outings, community service, recreation, fundraisers, etc. We might want to split the committee into social and program subgroups.

NEW: Communications: For the newsletter, we are seeking a new editor as well as contributing writers. The SEAPAX e-newsletter is published approximately bimonthly, and is posted on our website. New web & news content is welcomed year round. Also needed is at least one point person to take charge of publicizing SEAPAX events and outreach efforts as needed.

Regional RPCV Campout 2009: This year SEAPAX is hosting the annual summer Western Regional Campout for RPCV groups. A dedicated committee is needed to organize the event. Aileen Ly and Scott Ramos have already stepped forward to lead the effort and look forward to your active participation.

Fundraising: Working with Jennifer Samnick, this committee organizes and promotes annual sales of RPCV calendars. Also, it plans and carries out other new fundraising projects.

To join a committee, or for more information, please send an email to the board.

SEAPAX Small Grants Program

The Seattle Area Peace Corps Association (SEAPAX) offers small grants to community-based projects both in Washington State and countries around the world. Each grant request must be sponsored by either an active current member of SEAPAX or a current PCV who is from or returning to the state of Washington. Go to the Grants tab on the website for further details and grant guidelines and to download the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form.

Committee News

Grants Committee

Since the start of the year, the Grants Committee has met once in person, and is holding ongoing e-discussions to finalize the instructions and process for groups wishing to apply for grants from SEAPAX. The committee is currently seeking a new chair, as Kelly Pursely has recently had to move away. Current members are Francesca Holme, Don Kramer, Joana Ramos and Jennifer Samnick. To join this committee, please contact Joana, and also indicate potential interest in serving as chair.

Membership Committee

Jennifer Nicholas has taken on heading up this committee and seeks the active participation of folks interested in building up our ranks. A membership drive is planned soon, as well as work on 30th birthday celebration for SEAPAX in conjunction with the Events Committee. All those interested, please contact Jen.

Events Committee

Plans are underway to establish a more formalized committee that will organize the various types of events that SEAPAX holds and/or plans to hold. This group will include the roles, per our by-laws, of: Social Events Coordinator, Service Events Coordinator and Speaker’s Bureau Coordinator. There may be interest in adding a Program Coordinator as well, to work on events that do not fall into any of the original categories. Current members of this new committee are: David Bane, Monica Lemoine, Jen Nicholas, and Jennifer Samnick, who urgently seek new folks to join in the fun. To sign up, please contact Jen or David.